Friday Night Lights – Week 2 – #FridayNightLights

Well since it is football season Friday Night’s have been spent going to watch high school football.  They games are pretty good, but it gives me the opportunity to see Milo and Endi perform.  They are now both in high school and perform with the Stony Point Tiger Band, 🙂

They are still working on their shows but here is a preview of their work in progress half time performance!

And for you wanting to see what happens in the stands check this out!



“No one understands the cloud!” Well maybe you should learn!

Everyone has internet at home, everyone has desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones!  Everyone hears this word “Cloud”, but does everyone know how to secure those devices from touching the cloud?  Do you know how your devices really work?  I don’t mean just knowing how to connect your device to the internet or being able to send a text or an email!

Do you know how the devices that your children are using work?  I know that we are all pretty bad about this and joke about “No one understanding the cloud!” but maybe it is about time we do learn about the cloud, or the devices that we use every day!  The devices that we say our entire life is on!  Our contacts, our pictures and videos our correspondence!  We should learn about stronger passwords and what our devices are actually connecting too!

Here are some starting places for you:

Guide To Keeping Your Private Photos Private

Email and Social Networking

Teach kids about using tech on the go

Stay Safe Online

You should also try to read the documentation or manuals on all the devices that you purchase to have a better understanding of their capabilities.




Friday Night Lights Starts

It is that time of the year!  Friday Night Lights!  High School Football and #STP Stony Point starts their season with a boom!  With a 41 – 0 win over Connally High School!

Stony Point Marching Band 2014 - 2015
Stony Point Marching Band 2014 – 2015

This year there is not only one E on the field, but two Es!  Both Milo and Endi are in there somewhere amongst the other blue dots moving around and playing music! 🙂


Photo Gallery–Salado City Garage

Just a test run!  I have been wanting to shoot this garage for a while!  It always turns out that when I am near this place with my gear that the lights are off or the road is blocked off!  Something always stops me!  Well this night I had my G15 and I thought I would stop and try it out!  No tripod so used a dirt mound!  No cable release so used the self-timer!  Had to improvise, adapt, overcome!  Thanks Gunny Highway!

Preface–Ride About

A couple of days late on posting the Ride About photos!  So for that I am sorry!  Lots going on with work and many changes! 

So this is some back story to fill some or most of you in on the Ride About!

What is the Ride About?  The Ride About was a trip I took during the latter part of May of this year, 2013!  It was originally going to be a trip to Ireland for my Walk About but due to some circumstances I had to change my plans.  Well my plans which were very last minute ended up being me packing a couple bags, throwing them on my motorcycle which I call Bonnie and heading out to anywhere!  Anywhere ended up being about 3,500 miles across six states and many towns and road in between!  There might be some maps somewhere!

Why the Ride About?  The Ride About was an opportunity for me to reflect back on my year!  The last year has or was a rough one for me!  The time frame correlated with the one year anniversary of my wife Maranda passing away!  Her birthday was a couple of weeks earlier and that day was pretty rough for me.  I kind of decided on that day that I did not want to be here, there or anywhere in particular, I needed to be somewhere totally different, and that I wanted to be alone and disconnected from everything familiar!   I would like to take this time to apologize for to all the loved ones in my life, I know that some of the things that I do make sense to everyone but these were some things that I needed to do!

As I mentioned earlier I did not have a real plan just some ideas, thoughts really!  I started thinking where I would go, where would I stay, and what I would need.  I mapped out a rough idea of where I would travel and started to map it out a few days before the target date that I had selected to leave.  I did not make any arrangements anywhere to stay I decided that I would find places to stay as I got to the place that I would stay at for the evening!  Crazy I know, so it was drive until the sun went down and then what ever town that I was near that is where I would stay, for the most part that was the plan!

I started to get the list together of things that I needed and things I wanted to take!  The list seemed long and I need to cut back on some stuff, I would be on a motorcycle so my load needed to be small and manageable but also have everything that I needed and wanted to take!  Clothes, camera, tablet, wet gear and the such.  I ended up with a set of saddlebags, my camelbak and a tank bag!  Not to bad for what I was expecting to be about a 10 day trip!

Well now that you have the low down on the what and the why, and I will continue to share my thoughts of my trip over the next days or so and also share the pictures from my trip!

The pictures for this post are from a couple of days before my trip.  Before I headed out for my trip I wanted to have dinner with the kids before I left!  Love them! And thanks kiddos for understanding that I needed to go on this trip!

Link to photos here: Wednesday Night Dinner Before Trip – 15 May 2013


Three days and counting!

Three days and counting!  In three days I will start to post the photos and some of the writing from my Ride About!

So for those that do not know, on the 17th of May 2013 I took a trip, a walk about, what I ended up calling a Ride About!  It started as a trip and ended up being a journey!   I packed some saddlebags, my Camelbak and a tank bag, loaded them up on Bonnie (my motorcycle) and headed out!  No real place to go, just a direction and following the wind wherever it took me!  And took me it did to some amazing places!  A retrospective on the past twelve months!  It will be more clear to you later as you follow along!

Three days and counting!


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