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Experts-Exchange is getting a face lift!

For more than 15 years, our patented Q&A process has helped users find fast answers to their technology questions. In that time we’ve gone through nine site overhauls (and plenty of changes in between), but nothing quite like this.
With v.10 we’ve redesigned Experts Exchange from the ground-up: every line of java, every feature, every pixel has been rebuilt to
meet or exceed today’s standards. Along with a fresh interface and improved solution pages that make it easier to find your answer, we’ve added features to help make Experts Exchange a complete destination for technology help.
EE v.10 is currently in private beta. Request an invite! You can read more about it on the Experts Exchange Blog.

Small Experts Exchange VIP Badge

Museum Day – September 25, 2010

Well September 25, 2010 is coming up soon and once again Smithsonian Media is hosting it’s 6th annual event, Museum Day.

Museums across the country open their doors for free to anyone presenting a Museum Day Ticket.  The Museum Day Ticket provides free admission to one person, plus a guest.  As with everything “Free” there are some catches:

  • One ticket per household
  • A ticket will gain entry in only one museum and only participating museums
  • Only an official Museum Day ticket is eligible for free entry.

So visit Smithsonian website for more details.  Even though it is only one person and guest per ticket, take the kids and pay for them, the kids tickets are always cheaper than the adult tickets! LOL.

Download the Windows Server 2008 R2 free e-book offer

For those that do not know, Hi, my name is Andres and I am a geek!  So to honor that this evening I am post information on a e-book offer.

Download the Windows Server 2008 R2 free e-book offer

Learn about the features of Windows Server 2008 R2 in the areas of virtualization, management, the web application platform, scalability and reliability, and interoperability with Windows 7.

Ian Fisher : American Soldier

I was going over my magazines, mostly magazines about photography, when I read the article about a Photo Essay done by some reporters and a photographer of the Denver Post.  This photo essay is following a young man named Ian Fisher, following his life as he joins the U.S. Army, trains, deploys, comes home, and marry’s his sweet heart.  I am sure that after I read the article that I had meant to check out the link but surely got caught up in something else.

Well here is the link for all of you to read the story, follow the photos and evently the entire project!

Ian Fisher : American Soldier and the link to the entire project with more Photos, Video, and the whole story.

HBO: The Pacific: Homepage

In case you missed episode one of The Pacific from HBO, visit the site and watch episode one online!  I don’t have HBO and I was kind of frustrated that I missed the show, but I thought maybe HBO will put it online, so off to web I go, and to my surprise episode one was sitting there waiting for me to click play!  Hope they continue to put the other episodes online! 

HBO: The Pacific: Homepage

Microsoft Office 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010, and SharePoint 2010

For all of you Microsoft software users and technologist out there, this weekend spent time playing with Microsoft Office 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010, and Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010.

Now if you think change is bad, or do not like change then you will not be happy with these new product lines when they release.  Once again the GUI / Graphical User Interface has changed!  It is no longer your GrandMa’s Office suite, nor GrandPa’s SharePoint!

For Microsoft Office 2010 the Ribbon is back and cleaned up, first thing that you will notice is that the Office Button is gone, I liked that button but I guess it confused so many they had to get rid of it and call File…back from the Old Office 2003 and older office applications.  The File tab is located to the left of the Home tab, so if you got used to the Home tab being the first tab on the left well not any more!  Outlook is now Ribbonized too and if you thought Outlook was rough getting around in it’s menus, they have changed them up for 2010.  Once you see where they are all at, it does seem a little easier but WOW! I had to get used to the default Outlook view also your email is grouped by Date and Conversation which if you are not used to seeing that way can be a little confusing still getting used to that view.

For those that use SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Designer 2010 will be the new version and boy has that changed too!  Ribbon is in SharePoint Designer, I did not play to much with Designer 2010 other than to open it and see what it looked like, will have to use it later.

The biggest change that I did notice was the look and feel of SharePoint 2010…WoW!  Site Collection admin for sites is totally different and well as just that way that information is presented to the user.  I will be playing more with SharePoint 2010, this weekend I just went through the installation process which is not to much different than SharePoint 2007.  You still install the bits, then run SharePoint Configuration Wizard to connect and create the initial database in SQL.  Once created you will be brought into the Central Administration Site to make additional configurations.

Well just wanted to let everyone know that Change is on the way, and some of you will be looking forward to the 2010 applications, but I am sure that most will have negative things to say as always!