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471,000 Hackable Automobiles

Do you enjoy your technology?  Your smart TVs, tablets, computers, smart phones, and WiFi?  How about the GPS, satellite radio, or wireless  connections in your car?

Still think that you do not need to know about how some of those things work?

Pay attention maybe you should learn how some of those things work!  How things connect to the internet!  What you need to do to keep your devices updated or patched!  How to protect your self, your children you family!

Any thing that is connected can be hacked and used against you! Learn a little bit about how they work.  Don’t think so ready this article on how certain cars can be totally controlled by hackers over the internet, and the car manufactures that are in denial about it!

Zero Day Patches Get Your Zero Day Patches

Zero Day – vulnerability is an undisclosed and uncorrected computer application vulnerability that could be exploited to adversely affect the computer programs, data, additional computers or a network.  It is known as a “zero-day” because once a flaw becomes known, the programmer or developer has zero days to fix it.

Friday Night Lights – Week 2 – #FridayNightLights

Well since it is football season Friday Night’s have been spent going to watch high school football.  They games are pretty good, but it gives me the opportunity to see Milo and Endi perform.  They are now both in high school and perform with the Stony Point Tiger Band, 🙂

They are still working on their shows but here is a preview of their work in progress half time performance!

And for you wanting to see what happens in the stands check this out!



“No one understands the cloud!” Well maybe you should learn!

Everyone has internet at home, everyone has desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones!  Everyone hears this word “Cloud”, but does everyone know how to secure those devices from touching the cloud?  Do you know how your devices really work?  I don’t mean just knowing how to connect your device to the internet or being able to send a text or an email!

Do you know how the devices that your children are using work?  I know that we are all pretty bad about this and joke about “No one understanding the cloud!” but maybe it is about time we do learn about the cloud, or the devices that we use every day!  The devices that we say our entire life is on!  Our contacts, our pictures and videos our correspondence!  We should learn about stronger passwords and what our devices are actually connecting too!

Here are some starting places for you:

Guide To Keeping Your Private Photos Private

Email and Social Networking

Teach kids about using tech on the go

Stay Safe Online

You should also try to read the documentation or manuals on all the devices that you purchase to have a better understanding of their capabilities.