What Is On My Phone

I have been asked in the past and pretty recently about the pictures on my phone! What do I do with them, do I send them to folks or post them somewhere? And I guess my answer up to this evening was nothing, or I send some photos to persons, post cloud photos to the cloud forum on Facebook, and the other well they just sat there!

So I decided to create a photo gallery of the photos on my phone!  That way folks could again see the world through my eyes and of the goofy things that I like to take pictures of, I know some don’t necessarily make sense to everyone but it is what my brain sees through my eyes!  If you are in the gallery and you would like to be removed send me an email, text, or leave a comment and I will remove the photo of you!

The photos in ths gallery are Straight Out Of Camera / Phone with no edits or post processing, some are blurry, some are crooked, not framed or composed right, and some are just plain goofy! Or of dull subjects like me!


Well Enjoy!

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