Original Iwo Jima Memorial Monument

The monument is the original full-sized creation of Felix De Welden and was used for the casting of the monument located in Washington, D.C. After completion of the monument in Washington, this sculpture was placed in storage until the early 1980's when it was donated to the Marine Military Academy in Harligen, Texas by its creator. Donations were collected to fund the transport and reassembly of the monument and on 16 April 1982 a ceremony was conducted for the dedication of the monument. The Iwo Jima Museum is located adjacent to the monument and contains many souvenirs, photographs and memorabilia of the famous World War II battle. The grave of Harlon Block, the figure at the base of the flagpole, is located directly behind the monument. Harlon Block was a native of Weslaco, Texas and was a casualty of the battle.