Ruining the view!

Sitting around thinking about nothing a thought popped into my head!  It had just clicked in my head that women are ruining the views.  Back when I was younger when guys would be hanging out checking out the views they were not ruined by squares.  Back when women bought jeans or tight pants to show off their figures and shapes.  Now the only shape they seem to be showing off is the shape of their cell phones in their back pockets!!!

The other day I could have sworn that I say a women walking and I noticed her cell phone outline in her back pocket, but the phone was not there, she had cell phone ring, kid of like how cowboys or dippers leave their dip can ring in there jeans pockets, but this was cell phone ring and I am not speaking of a ring tone.

Ladies stop ruining the view for those guys that are trying to enjoy the view.  Whatever happened to the purse?