Unprotected Internet

For all of you that still go around having “Unprotected Internet” you know who you are!!! There are no more excuses! Microsoft has released a “FREE” security suite that is name Security Essentials built to help you stay protected and clean while you surf, wherever you may surf on the Internet!

So go out and get it! Microsoft Security Essentials

Also did you know that most of you already pay for some sort of antivirus, malware, spyware and desktop firewall software and are not even using it?

Check with your ISP’s website and look around for their security suite which you pay for every month in your bill for your internet! Roadrunner has one, Embarq has one! almost every major ISP or Internet service provider have something that you are paying for that you are not using!

STOP having Unprotected Internet! You know who you are!

Get Protected!