Father's Day Story

Father’s Day this year was great!  Got to sleep late, had breakfast made for me!  Didn’t do dishes, clean anything, got an AWESOME present!  Got to relax the rest of the day, watch what I wanted on TV! Risked my life by taking my oldest daughter out for a drive!  That was the longest 10 minutes of my LIFE!

Until…yeah you know there had to be an “Until”, the washer started to make an awful noise!  And then just stopped working!  With my clothes in there, didn’t even get to the spin cycle…

10:30 in the evening, wringing wet clothes out, which I have not done since I left Iraq!  Out the door to find a laundry mat, I remembered the one I had seen the day before on the way to the library and noticed how nice and clean it was with big screen TV’s on the walls.  We pulled into the parking lot and as my luck would have it the sign on the door said “Closed”!

So we back tracked, to the gas station that had a laundry mat next to it, and man was it creepy in there!

So we unload and start the load of laundry we had, 22 minutes to wash as we sit there waiting.  Then DING it stops!  I grab the cart put my wet clothes in there and roll over to the dryers.  Drop my three quarters, 30 minutes of drying time.  And we sit!

20 minutes go by and Elijah looks over to me and says “Dad, our dryer at home works! Why are we drying clothes!”  DOH!!!

“Now you think of it!”  I say! 

“Well you didn’t!”  says Elijah.

We got back at midnight!