First emergency room visit of 2008!

And the winner is…..Milo Perales.  Milo was jumping on a trampoline at a friends house, when he landed and hurt his left knee.  He could not walk and I was called.  I went over to the friends house to see Milo laying on the couch in pain and agony with his leg up.  He could not even stand on it, SO to the hospital we had to go.

Well after an hour and half wait, a Vince Vaughn look alike a nurse / tech, two X-rays, 1 tylenol, a brace / splint, and two crutches we are at home.  He has to stay off of leg and we have a follow up with Orthropedic on Monday of next week, or at least I have to call them to schedule follow up.

He did not do bad during the visit even though he was in pain.  We are back home now and he is starting to realise all the things that he has taken forgranted.  How am I going to do this and that.  He is learning the crutches too he is not to good on them yet but I am sure he will get the hang of it.

So the diagnosis is that he has damaged soft tissue around his knee and a little bone located on the side of his knee looks like it has chipped off a piece, or crumpled a bit…will follow up after Orthropedic