U.S. Spying and the NSA

So the naive people seem to think that the U.S. Government and the  NSA (National Security Agency) does not know what they are talking about or saying online or watching at any one point in time.  Again naive…are you in this country?  Do you realize that even though this country is a democracy that there has to be tools in place to help regulate the freedoms of this country, that many take for granted…and the many that abuse them…we have the ability to watch you from space?

I wish that all of you complaining and that the media would stop making such a big deal about the government supposedly spying on the many of people that may have been involved in what the news is reporting.  Wouldn’t you like to know if someone was talking about killing you, or blowing your car up or taking whatever means the most to you?  If you do not care about any of that, then there is something definitely wrong with your head to think that your freedoms of privacy are more important about life itself.