Places I Have Been Today!

Though today has been extremely busy for me today, it does not mean that I can’t or don’t have the opportunity to go places!

These places may not be easily reachable by me anymore, but they are still in my head. I can close my eyes and see them still and I have not been there in a very long time. At times I can’t sleep because when I do close my eyes these place come back to me. They come back to me as if I were standing there in the middle of it all…surrealistic…just like in all those movies that you see of people having flash backs or memories.

And then there is the…

Internet where everything and everywhere is right under you finger tips. Punch in a few keys and there you are…at a foreign place. Or reading just about anything and everything that you want…below is the “Places I Have Been Today!”

I didn’t have much time to actually sit down, but the above list are saved in my favorites under “daily’s” and that is where I visit or try to at least once a day!

Visit some of the places that I have been…