The Count

It has been a little over four months since I have been back from Baghdad and other places in Iraq. After spending over a year there, it will take much more time than just four months to forget that place. Those people and most of all, all those of the coalition that have fallen, bled, cried and left sweat behind in the streets and sand of that land. I do not think the most people pay much thought to what is, was, or has happened over there, and because the ties within me are still attached to that place, I still think of that place often. So today I was on the net, yeah I know what is new, but I was looking for something specific when I found what I was looking for, I was looking for the casualty list of the coalition forces for the time in which I was in country. I was looking for the names in particular…those names were my friends. Friends that I had spent time with prior to the war. Time I had spent with during the war. A war that persons have debated. A war that persons do not understand. A war that at times I do not understand though I lived amongst it and with it in the time that I was there. Well, I just felt the need to share the link, the numbers, the names that mean something to families, friends, and commrades in arms. Iraq Coalition Casualty Count is the name of the webpage and when you visit you will see information for not only the ones that wear the green suit (soldiers, sailors, airman and marines) but also those of the coalition forces, and contractors as well. There is also a link for Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) casualties, a war that has been going on since 2001. As the time passes so do the thoughts and memories of those days from the past. The thoughts may pass but they are not forgotten.