Alright, I guess this can be the disclaimer for my signature on my blog.

My signature at the bottom of posts is not an endorsement for any of the above mentioned, products, stories, jokes, nor photos unless specifically my photos. My photos will be signed by my signature and are copyrighted. Any violation of this copyright will be looked into to determine legalities of the use of the photo and it’s rights. My signature neither states that I wrote a particular piece. Surely you will be able to tell if I wrote something or pulled something from the web, or other source. I will make sure that I place appropriate credit where credit is due as well as link to where I pulled anything off of the web so as not to insult or make anyone upset.

Image of the signature is in fact my handwriting and may not be used in any legal document or on any other form of media, without my permission. Doing so is illegal and again I will seek legal action against party / parties involved in the misuse of my signature. Steps have been taken to ensure that lifting the image of my signature and placing else where can not be easily done, this is just a deterent, but there is also an invisible watermark on that image that leaves track back to those sites that are using it and they can and will be held liable.

That should answer any questions about my signature on my website if you still have questions then send me an email! You know the address it is posted on the website and when you leave a comment, I get those in an email too, so either way don’t be shy!