Happy Holidays!!!

Just dropping a couple of lines for the following reasons:

One) I haven’t written or posted anything in a while, I am still in a transition phase.

Two) People who actually read my blog are starting to complain, imagine that readers.

Three) It is the holidays and everyone has to have a holiday message.

HAPPY Holidays to all, I am not really one for the Holidays, still trying to figure that one out, maybe because I have not really had any real holidays lately. Thanksgiving came out well and I had fun and enjoyed my time with all of my family. Thoughts were still of my friends over in Iraq who are still getting hammered almost daily by incoming and IED’s. And now that Xmas is here it is no different. A tinge of guilt that I am here safe and my buddies are not safe. I couple of my friends are now back safely and now they must begin the next hard part of a yr long deployment. Adjustments to life back in the land of the free and home of the brave, and come to realize it is not as easy as it seems, or at least it was not / is not for me! And I hope it will be easier for them! The rest of my friends are on the way stuck somewhere between there and here, and the rest will not be back till after the new year.

I hope  that they are all doing well, staying safe and return quickly!

Best Wishes to all over these holidays, and Happy New Year, I most likely will not write again till next year, but I am hoping to write more often next year, maybe a resolution too, HAHHHHhhhh.