Gallery Update

Hey, all just dropping a quick note to let everyone know that I have a new gallery up!  It is the rest of the somewhat presentable images of the Lighting Storm the other night.  Man I thought that once I got back I would be able to catch up on my photo galleries and the such.  It is proving to be a larger task than I thought.  Due to fact of work and being busy, busy, busy, and oh yeah I keep taking more and more pictures of everything that I see, and everything that I find interesting.

I guess when I was gone to Iraq I had a lack of color and hues to capture.  That is not such the case.  The sky changes every night and I go to different places, see different things and different light.  I am starting to relize how amazing light really is and without it everything would be colorless or dark.  Darkness, nothing to see, nothing to envision, nothing to look at, nothing to see forward too.  LIGHT…but then sometimes DARKNESS would be grand to not be able to see what is coming, where I would be going.  Maybe that is why Lighting is so KEWL, intriguing, and just captures the moment in the split second it takes to strike.