Iraq – The Human Cost

It just seems that though I am at home (States) my mind and thoughts still wander to the deserts and hostile places across the ocean from where I came from. I think of and know that everyday someone gets hurt, kidnapped, or killed either in action or by some accident.

I have tried to keep the thoughts of the numbers out of my head but the thoughts of it are greater than my will. As with everything you can find what you want and sometimes things that you do not want on the web. This link being one of them Iraq – The Human Cost. The numbers are small in comparison to past conflicts but that does not mean that the pain is as great now as it was back then, these numbers do not count what is going on in Afghanistan a place which seems to be forgotten.  I have not forgotten.  I could not find any information on OPS there, I will keep looking.  No person in the States is left untouched by this listing in some sort of way or fashion. No state is absent of a Airman, Marine, Sailor, or Soldier that has paid the ultimate price for their Country or the Freedoms that are afforded the rest of the folks of this country. Just wanted to share the link with everyone, and maybe folks will think of the troops overseas every once in a while.