I Lost My Whistle!

Today, I was listening to music…what is new right I know.  Well anyways, I was listening to music G n’ R, if I have to explain about G n’ R…then you are not old enough to know.  Patience qued up from the playlist.  I tried to whistle the melody and to my fright!!! NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA…my WHISTLE…..LOST………what am I to do?  I drank water trying to wet my lips to get some sort of whistle, no avail.  It is gone, I have to find it, because I like to whistle.  If you ask any of the Guys that I hung out with in Iraq they will tell you that I was always whistling to some tune or another and at times it drove them crazy, I am sure…well GUYS I have Lost IT, MY WHISTLE hope you are HAPPY!!!!