The only Newspaper on the ground!

If any of you have served in the military and have been deployed during a conflict you may already know that the only newspaper one gets out here is the Stars and Stripes.  Second you will also find out that you will get it sporadically at best. Usually a week behind or a couple weeks behind, well believe it or not we have been getting it regularly now and even better yet, we have been getting it on time, of the day believe it or not!!!  Well today out of the mere curiosity and I guess also from a memory of an email that someone had sent me and I had read, I vaguely remembered that Stars and Stripes is also online now!  So, of course I surfed over to my favorite search engine – Google and searched for Stars and Stripes! Where the results came back for what I was looking for, and as every other worldly newspaper is online as well, the web version coincided with the paper version.  Except maybe in looks, I don’t think you can replicate the newspaper feel, smell and touch through the web yet…Maybe soon though.  Oh before I forget here is the link to Stars and Stripes.  Make it a part of your reading, find out what is happening on this side of the world other than what you quickly hear or see on the boob tube.  But best of all I think, is that the Stars and Stripes not only tells the news, what is going on, but tells the “Soldier’s Stories”, their hardships, their happiness, their sadness, it tells of their lives now, their part of history that many will forget, but they will not!  Not all of the stories coming from out here are bad, you just have look harder for the good stories.