Memorial Day – 31 May 04

Alright, I am just about finished with my book and in the middle of my reading we had a holiday!!! Memorial Day – 31 May 04, a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service.  I would like to think that Memorial Day has hit closer to home over the last couple of years, especially the last two or so years, where we have been actively engaged in combat operations in Afghanistan and here in Iraq. 

I would also like to think that Memorial Day is more than a three or four day holiday to some, and more than just the markings of the beginning of summer.  I think for the longest time I have not really gotten or completely understood Memorial Day, even though I myself am a Veteran.  I think this year I got it!  I got it more this year than any other year.  But grasping this holiday, has had it’s cost and it’s tolls.  Not only for me but for many family’s who have friends and family serving in the military around the world and especially in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

I guess what I am saying even though that Memorial Day is over, one should till take the time to remember…remember that some of our holidays have been paid for, with the highest of all costs, L-I-F-E.  So just take some time to remember those who are serving, have served, but most of all who have fallen…

I know that I will remember this Memorial Day for the rest of my life, just by the mere fact, that I am here and have seen what we have paid for this holiday.

There are some photos of the Memorial Day ceremony that was given here at Camp Victory – Iraq.  The headquarters for the CJTF-7.  It was a very touching ceremony and I was very moved…I hope that some of the photos that I took can relay some of the emotion that day!