Info Junkie and NEWS

Here we are able to watch the news streamed over our workstations, over the LAN (Local Area Network).  And though there is alot of bad news going on right now,  and the biggest urge is to turn it off, I don’t!  I can not seem to pull myself away from it! I am an info junkie! INPUT!!! Need MORE INPUT!!! I know that might be from a movie or something, don’t ask, I don’t remember from which. Well I can tell you that you have seen the news, when you sit and watch / listen to FOX NEWS or CNN (we get Fox News and that is it!) and after three or more hours you seem to be watching what they were showing earlier in the day. It can be good and it can be bad, bad because you get all the bad news that happened that day recapped for you. Good because stuff that you missed in between putting out fires, phone calls and having to go explain something to a user, you get to catch. Please also understand, that it is not all as bad as the news makes it all out to be!