"The Mosquito"

This is the third day in a row that I have been battling with “The Mosquito”.  It won’t leave me alone.  It flutters around trying to find a place for itself around my workspace.  I have yet figured out how he got back into the third ring of where we work.  If you have been in the place that I am currently working at then you would understand.  But I guess they have their ways of getting to where they want to go.  It is annoying to say the least when you are trying to work and you have to swing your hands around to try and kill the bugger.  And of course the others though they have the same problem still look at you funny and laugh when they see you clapping your hands together to get rid of your nuisance.  I am convinced that this is the same one too…even though my palms have seen the remains of many others (Yes, I have washed my hands).  I have been heard here cussing at “The Mosquito” so I thought that I would share it with the rest you, who ever you maybe, if there even is a you out there.