Friday!!! and Photos of Rumsfeld visit posted.

Today is Friday, well not that it matters for me on this side of the world because it is Groundhog Day over here, never the less it is Friday, and you know how that goes, as you try to leave the office everyone and everything decides to either call, need something, want something or just plain old break!!! ARRGHHHHHH!!!!!  Gotta love it! LOL…

Well, yesterday we had a surprise visit by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers who is Chairman of the Joints Chief, I think not sure anymore, I don’t keep track, it is not testable for me since I got out of the Army…anyways had the opportunity to take some photos and since I took them I thought I would share them so they are on the site, under photos or just click on this them here link…LOL…laters